"There are 2 tax systems in America. 
 One for the informed, and One for the uninformed.”
  -Justice Learned Hand

Our Mission...
The Liber Wealth Institute Is a Professional Membership organization dedicated in fostering the cause of individual tax, economic, and spiritual freedom regarding money.

We are advocates for the advancement of knowledge that protects and creates personal financial wealth, free from taxes.

We are the contrarians.  Taxes.  Investing.

We are the forward thinkers in a world of status quo.
Instead of following Government ideas about money and personal finance, our principles start first with applying ideas of Freedom to how money should work.

Our mission is to empower information seeking Americans with the KNOWLEDGE of money being suppressed from the mainstream, that creates tax freedom, financial freedom and financial peace. 
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Tax Freedom

Federal Government spending continues unrestrained and Federal debt has tripled in the last two decades. Today the debt is 22 trillion and by 2030, the debt will be 30 trillion dollars.

Financial markets would look like a bubble to anyone not accustomed to seeing such valuations. When the next crash comes, those who subscribe to traditional investing strategies will be hurt the most.

Mainstream financial planning methods have locked American’s life savings into tax-deferred investments where the future cost to use one’s own money is a complete mystery. At this moment the Federal Government is laser focused on harvesting taxes from Americans 401k savings.

Economic Freedom

The typical financial plan will cause the average 2-earner family to pay out nearly $700,000 in lifetime bank fees, mutual fund and investment advisory fees.

The taxes on most retirement savings plans are a complete mystery because the Government can change the tax rates at any time.

This bubble of financial thinking has turned Americans into “financial dependents.”  

We seek to unveil the tax laws and rules about money that create more tax freedom, more personal financial freedom, and more spiritual freedom (live worry free.)

We call it “Freedom Planning”

Peace Of Mind

Freedom Planning begins by understanding where the tax freedom resides in the tax code.

We empower professional members of The Liber Wealth Institute with our publications and training programs.

It’s the knowledge of money and taxes known to the wealthiest Americans.

For Financial Professionals
Our books and courses are designed to empower financial professionals and their clients with advanced knowledge and understanding of money and taxes.

We look to unveil where the "free space" is in the tax laws to create more tax freedom.

We focus on niche areas of personal finance under served by mainstream financial and tax advice that cost American families hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime.
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What Does Liber Mean?

There is great power in the word “Liberty” when you begin to understand where it comes from and it’s underlying meaning.The word Liberty is derived from the Latin word Liber.

“Liber” is the Latin word for tree bark.

Back in ancient times people used tree bark to write on and during this period there were two classes of people. There were those who were “Liber”, and those who were slaves(1).

The educated people were known as “Liber”.

The “Liber” could read, write and engage in contract.

They had a higher level of education and depth of understanding. However, there was a big difference between being “Liber” and being literate.

Being literate was one level, but being Liber was 10 levels higher. Slaves during ancient times may have been able to write and understand, but they did not have the depth that the “Liber” had.

The “Liber” were truly the free ones because of their higher knowledge level.

Freedom today is directly correlated to money.

So why is it that nearly everyone in America is held captive by Banks, Wall Street and the Government through loans, fees and taxes?

 In today’s world, an employee education is good, a professional education is better, but a “Liber” education is rare.

A “Liber” education makes us free, as Freedom is a function of what you know.

Remember that building you used to go to when you were in grade school when you wanted to get something new to read?

What was it called?

A Library.
Freedom comes from the writings of great leaders.

A library contains books of knowledge.

It’s all there.

Everything you need to set yourself free is in books.

They should really call libraries Freedom Buildings. It’s unfortunate that many of these buildings are being shut down due to government mismanagement of tax dollars.

Publications of The Liber Wealth Institute are the beginning of unveiling money and freedom

Not surprisingly, government and corporations suppress much of this thinking, as they would never want Americans to become aware of what is really going on.

Think about all of the misinformation and propaganda circulated by those who control our food in this country. There is a reason why America ranks 33 out of the 40 healthiest countries in the world.

Our country needs financial leadership in the most desperate way.


(1)Origin of Liber inspired by Oliver DeMille

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